The War Protester

The War Protester


What does peace mean for you, your community and your country?

Peace, for whoever has lived through a war, has become a necessity, like your bread, water and air.  For most people in my country, it has become a luxury to sleep at night with no sound of war or to leave your home knowing you will return alive.

In what special ways do women bring peace to the world?

Women bring peace to the world through love. When a mother teaches her children to love and to accept differences in people, there will be less hatred. Less hatred subsequently leads to less war.

How do you maintain hope when there isn’t always peace around you?

By patience, by work and by my faith that tomorrow will bring peace.

What does your Caritas organisation concretely do to work for peace?

Caritas in Syria serves the most vulnerable people equally, just like what Bishop Audo said, together we are Christians, together we are citizens.

What would you ask of world leaders to bring peace?

We are all born equal. Syrian children deserve to live just like yours. This war must come to an end. War is not destiny, but a decision of men.

If you could ask people to do one gesture to work towards peace today, what would it be?

Education, education, education

Tell me about a woman who’s inspired you.

Mother Teresa on how she works for the most vulnerable people in silence. It is a school of love.