The Project Leader


What does peace mean for you, your community and your country?

Peace is our desire and belief that in the near future war will end. Also this is something that we need to build to get a strong society in Ukraine.

In what special ways do women bring peace to the world?

Women can create spaces of hope and kindliness around them. We have the capability to reduce the level of conflicts and to transform disputes into a peaceful and constructive discourse.

How do you maintain hope when there isn’t always peace around you?

I try to see positive changes that are occurring or may occur. I try to help those people whom I can help right now. In difficult times I seek support from loved ones.

What does your Caritas organisation concretely do to work for peace?

We have reconciliation and peacebuilding initiatives starting from 2014. These are different events to promote empathy, understanding and respect, to deal with local conflicts and activate civil society. Moreover we try to implement our projects with conflict sensitivity.

What would you ask of world leaders to bring peace?

I’d like to ask to think about people in the field, those people that live in places affected by war. While world leaders are making decisions it is important to think about people’s needs and unicity.

If you could ask people to do one gesture to work towards peace today, what would it be?

I would ask them to care about and do something for somebody else, it doesn`t matter for whom.

Tell me about a woman who’s inspired you.

I have a lot of women who have inspired me. Starting from my mother and granny, after that some of my teachers, now colleagues and friends. It’s really important to have somebody who can be an example for you. And I’m happy that I have such people.